Fun with Color Blocking

Color Blocking is fun and a bold choice of you to make. It can be made in many ways and degrees depends on how bold you can get.

If you don’t want to take big steps in Color Blocking like painting your wall with bold color, then try to add few simple touches of Color Blocking, for example start with colorful cushions, throw, wall paintings or maybe small colorful armchair.

The way you mix and match the bold colors of your furniture is the same way you mix and match the bold colors of your cloths to create Color Blocking. Whatever bold colors matches in fashion, they match as well in interior design.

Always go for bright colors instead of pale colors.


Luxurious Baker


Baker furniture was found more than 100 years ago, by  the Dutch immigrant craftsman Siebe Baker. His son Hollis Baker completed his father’s craftsman work by adding fashionable and original designs in the early years.

Baker furniture, Lighting and Accessories works with many talented interior designers, offering new designs and variety alongside the classics of Baker.

Baker Furniture branches are spread around the world in 53 countries, and Kuwait branch was opened in February 2012.

Following picture is Baker Kuwait branch.

For more information about Baker furniture, visit their store at Al-Tilal, Shuwaikh, T: 22462460/1. Or visit their website

My Picks at Midas

I passed by Midas today to search for a TV table for my new living room, and I found one. although Midas is not typically matches my taste, I manage to find few furniture items every time I visit the store, and its a must visit store if you are furnishing your house.

Following pictures are my few picks of  furniture items and home accessories.

Maze Collection by Bibi Al-Ghanim

Maze collection by Bibi Al Ghanim is breathtaking, every piece is designed and executed with passion and creativity. Bibi Al Ghanim launched her company six years ago, and now she is exhibiting her collection at 52degrees.

Bibi has always been drawn by colors and fabrics, and passionate about interior design, from that passion she started creating cushions and ottomans, until she gained experience and started creating a whole collection of upholstery and wooden work.

All the wooden items are manufactured either in Lebanon or Syria, since all her wooden items are mother of pearl inlaid. Bibi uses the finest Bukhara fabrics, the finest mother of pearls and the finest wood in her upholstery items.

For more information on Maze collection, visit 52degrees, Al-Tilal Complex, visit their website, follow on Intagram @mazecc

jesse garden

by Jesse Khong,


  • Wood panels (do not use compression wood panels as they have copper that might be harmful to your plants).
  • Vinyl sheet (available in fabric & craft stores; I purchased a few yards from Joann Fabric)
  • Polyester felt fabric produced from recycled plastic bottles  (available from fabric & craft stores; they come in many colors; about $4.99 per yard; 72″ width).
  • A staple gun (make sure to use long staples)
  • Wood screws (make sure they are not longer than the thickness of your board)
  • A measuring ruler or anything with a straight edge
  • A permanent marker
  • A pair of scissors
  • Mounting hooks for hanging

Select wood panels from hardware stores (I purchased my panels from Lowe’s for $11.99 each )and cut them in half, so each small panel is about $6. Select something that is not too heavy to hang on walls. You can hang multiple panels in a row to create a larger framework, so it is better to start out with smaller panels.


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Growing Indoor Garden

Few of us have enough space to grow a garden in our houses, whether because we live in an apartment or we don’t have enough space to build a garden outside the house.

Vertical Garden, is a relatively new concept in gardening, which you can grow a (garden) that is attached to a wall.

Vertical Garden can be easily installed, and can be installed anywhere in the house. These plants are planted inside small pockets called Wally Woolly Pockets, and the pockets are hanged on the wall.

 Terra Garden for gardening is the only place in Kuwait that creates for you vertical garden using wally woolly pockets. Terra Garden is a store near the Mashatel, sells terrariums, which are a small garden growing inside a small container, and creates vertical garden at anyplace.

Vertical Garden comes in any size and shape, from one pocket to as many as you want, also, they can be grown inside or outside the house.

They are very practical, as they can live for very long time if taken good care of them. Vertical garden are easy to install, and some install them themselves.



For more information on Terra Garden visit their store next to the Iranian market in Rai at Rai Center Complex #19. Or visit their website

Follow them on Instagram @terra_garden

Very Practical by Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is an interior designer from the United States, he started working after he graduated from high school. Nate Berkus had his degree in French and Sociology, and not in Interior design, and for me that’s very inspirational, to be able to perfect in interior design without having a degree in it!

Nate Berkus was introduced to the world when he appeared many times at the Oprah show, doing home make overs and giving very useful design tips. He then had his own show in 2010, The Nate Berkus Show.

For me his designs are very accessible and practical. He uses a lot of home accessories and not very matching items to give warmth to the place.

Nate Berkus published his book in interior design call “Home Rules”

You can order Home Rules on

For more information on Nate Berkus work, visit