Look What I Found @ Karkoosha


I love Kilims, they are simply a piece of art, as a matter of fact, all kind of Oriental carpets are a piece of art. I found now a lot of stores sell Patch work Kilims, like Samovar and The One, and I found recently that www.karkoosha.com sell patch work Kilims as well.

KD 938

KD 516

KD 509

KD 534

Click Here to view more colors and sizes at Karkoosha .


Fill up your Walls with Art



Whenever I look at pictures of interior designs, my attention is always drawn by the walls full of framed art. These framed art look very sophisticated, but they are really easy to create. There is no certain way to arrange these framed art, you only have to match the color theme of framed art to the color of the decorated space.

If you are confused of where to start building the frames, simply choose your favorite framed art and then gradually built the rest of the frames around it.

As I was surfing the net, I found ready art gallery layouts. There is a layout for each decorated space, and they really simple to copy. You don’t have to feel confused, simply copy these layout to begin with.


These layouts are not science, they are created to simplify the arrangement of the framed art and make it easy for you.

Unique Pieces at Dar Nur

Two days ago I visited Dar Nur for the first time, It has a mixture of everything beautiful and unique, furniture items, home accessories, art and many more. A lot of modern, antique and contemporary pieces.

Painting by Ghadah AL Kandery

You will find more pieces at Dar Nur. Visit Dar Nur at Lilly Center, Old Shuwaikh.

Create a Table Setting Like a Pro

My friends were coming over, I thought I would do something special to them, I wanted to arrange an outdoor seating on a short notice. Since I didn’t have time to go buy everything I need, I thought I would use whatever I have at the house.

I had a bunch of Casablanca flowers, I cut them really short, tied 3 flowers together and used a drinking glass as a small vase for them.

I didn’t have candle cups, so I used -again- a drinking glasses as a candle cups, and they were miss matching.

I borrowed the folding table and the table cloth from my mother. As for the chairs, I used my dining table chairs.

I loved the setting because it was quick and I felt smart for reusing things I already have, instead of buying new things.

You can get the folding table from Sadeq store at Hawally, Tunes street.

Basic Furniture-Choosing Tips

As I was watching decor tips videos in youtube, I found a tip about a mistake I believe most of us do, is that we tend to buy everything from one furnishing store or two, leaving our places looking like a certain store instead of resembling us.

It is important to have our own touch, our passion, our energy in the places we live in. It is important to buy items we love instead of buying items we need. In that way we can create memories in our places, memories that keep our places warm and welcoming.

The best way to choose furniture is by mixing and matching furniture items from many different stores, buy new, old, expensive, vintage and cheap items, combing them all together to create a place that resemble your personality and passion.


Sara is Bahraini talented interior designer, I liked her post about DIY environment friendly flower arrangement I thought I’d share it with you.