Create a Funky Bright Console Table


I see many outstanding furniture items online and in the decor magazines, many of them which you can’t find in Kuwait furniture stores.

For example, the bright colors console tables (in the pictures below), something you don’t find all the time, but the first thing that came to my mind when I sow those bright console tables is that they are easy to create.

What I would do, is buy a simple console table from Ikea, or any kind of table I like and find fit to my purpose, and take it to a carpenter to paint it with whatever bright color I like.

Also, you are not limited by the drawer handles you get from Ikea, you can find from else where (Zara Home for example) a wide collection for drawers handles,

Photo 29-1-2013 9 37 42 PM


Photo 19-12-2012 12 19 43 PM

Similar tables found in Ikea Kuwait


3D textures
370-ikea black no 9 stain oak veneer_110x340.png

Picture 1830




Your Key to Mixing & Matching

Photo 27-1-2013 12 00 45 PM

One set of sofas and chairs is very boring and old fashion, for more stylish and trendy living room, you have to mix and match different sofas, chairs and poufs.

The idea may sound very sophisticated when you try to mix and match, specially when you try to copy the stylish living rooms from decor magazines, but its not.

for easier and safer way to mix and match different sofas and chairs, you have to follow one simple rule: Symmetrical Seating Area.

Symmetrical seating area, where you mirror one side of the seating area to the other side, helps the place looks very harmonious and make more sense. It doesn’t matter how many different sofas and chairs you place in your living room , as long as you place them symmetrically, they will always look right and in-place.

The pictures below will give you a better idea on how to apply (The Symmetrical Seating Area method) to your living room.

Photo 27-1-2013 12 00 09 PM

Photo 08-07-2012 16 28 40

Photo 02-08-2012 01 32 35

Photo 27-1-2013 2 59 22 PM

Photo 11-10-2011 11 30 27 AM

Touches of Gold & Silver

Photo 19-1-2013 10 43 18 PM

It only takes simple touches to take your living space into a different level of style and glamour, for me, it’s adding few simple silver and gold items.

Gold frame, silver statue display, gold antique chair legs, silver side table, gold mirror frame, gold lamp shade, etc, these are all very simple touches, that give big difference.

In the pictures are some of the ideas on how silver and gold are incorporated in your interior design.

Photo 19-1-2013 10 33 01 PM

Photo 19-1-2013 10 26 43 PM

Photo 19-1-2013 10 27 34 PM

Photo 7-8-2012 4 07 32 PM

Al-Sabti House, Designed by Duja Al-Mudhayan


Al-Sabti house, located at Abdulla Al-Salem area, designed by its owner and house wife Duja Al-Mudhayan. Duja is not an interior designer, but she always had the passion for interior design.

Duja is very stylish woman in personal, and especially when it comes to her house. Every room and every corner is styled, whether it’s the guest room or the kitchen, because she appreciates art and everything with beauty.



Painting by Duja



You can see in the pictures that Duja loves mixing and matching. Her house resembles her personality, and you can feel her spirit in it, and in my opinion, that’s the thing that most of the houses lack when its been designed by free lancer interior designers, is that the house doesn’t resemble the personality of the house’s owner.

The home accessories play huge role in Duja’s house, they make the house look very stylish, chic and warm. Every space is decorated with valuable furniture items.

The furniture items were bought from many different stores in Kuwait, and some were custom-made.











Painting by Duja










It was a pleasure and great honor to photo shoot Al-Sabti house, its one of the best decorated houses I have ever visited.

Poufs at Roche Bobois

To be honest, Im not very big fan of Roche Bobois when its comes to their sofas and chairs, however their wooden works are really amazing.

Last week I visited their store, I found some beautiful poufs, with even more beautiful soft fabrics, and some other interesting chairs.


Photo 19-12-2012 12 23 43 PM

Photo 19-12-2012 12 13 04 PM

Photo 19-12-2012 12 13 12 PM

Photo 19-12-2012 12 27 22 PM

Photo 19-12-2012 12 14 41 PM

Missoni Fabric

Missoni Fabric