For The Love of Teal

from Centsational Girl - teal paneled blue wall with white green and gold accessories

Teal walls always attract me, it takes the place to a different level of interior design.

The main color that should be dominating when working with teal walls, is white. As for the other bright colors, you have limited amount of colors to work with, the best are; yellow, orange, green, purple and fuchsia.

اللون الحائط الاخضر المائل للزراق، من الألوان الفضله عندي، تعطي طابع مختلف تماما للمساحه بمجرد إضافه ذاك اللون للحائط.
عند طلاء الحائط باللون الاخضر المائل للزراق، يجب  مراعاة الالوان الاضافيه للأثاث، اللون الاساسي و الغالب يجب ان يكون اللون الابيض. و عند إضافه الالوان الشاعه الاخرى، يجب ان تكون محدوده، و تنحصر ب الاصفر، البرتقالي، الاخضر، الفوشيا.




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The Dinner Club by No.57

Photo 6-15-13, 10 15 50 PM

A new concept in every aspect, whether its the idea, table arrangement or the food, The Dinner Club by No.57 is a supper club held once a month, created and hosted by Noor Bani Hashim & Buthaina AL-Mazroui.

The concept behind it is very unique, total strangers are invited to an exquisite dinner to enjoy great food and company and engage in conversation, at locations that would never cross anyone’s mind

What catches my attention the most, is the table arrangement, done in a very unconventional way.

Photo 6-15-13, 10 15 39 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 14 45 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 15 16 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 16 25 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 14 17 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 14 27 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 15 27 PM

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