Old French Vs. New French

Most of the classic furnished homes  go for french classic sofas and chairs when it comes to their guest’s living room, but furniture is like fashion, that goes in and out of style. If you like french classic sofas, go for the modernized ones, like the following picture.

الأثاث مثل الفاشن، يتطور مع الوقت، و للي يحبون الاثاث الفرنسي الكلاسيك، فيه الاثاث القديم اللي راحت عليه، و فيه الفرنسي الكلاسيك الحديث. الصور المعروضه تبين الصوفات الكلاسيك الحديثه و الجميله اللي تناسب صالات الإستقبال.

top-5-friday-our-favourite-sofa-styles-4French-Linen-and-Oak-Daybed-Sofa-Couch-From-St-Simons-Beach-Rentals-Gift-ShopPhoto 9-25-13, 10 49 29 AMPhoto 9-22-13, 8 25 24 PMLF Charles Sofa Grey Vel

صور أمثله لبعض الصوفات الكلاسيك القديمه

Examples of outdated french sofas.

01-french-style-sofa-2 french-sofa-louis-xv-3-seat_painted_toscana Antique_French_Style_Sofa




A whole collection made of burned wood, imagine that! These chairs and more collection of burned furniture designed by Maarten Baas





Dome Deco


Photo 9-10-13, 10 00 10 AM


Dome Deco, Belgium company, located at Sun City, Shuwaikh, its furniture mostly built with high quality solid wood and techniques.

Most of the furniture I found are suitable for daily living room, bedrooms and offices, the furniture items are very simple and practical.

محل دوم ديكو للأثاث، بلجيكي الصنع، أثاث عملي و بسيط، يصلح لغرف المعيشه، غرف النوم او المكاتب. المحل متكامل، فيه غرف طعام، جلسات، زل و إكسسوارات بيت و غيره.

الأثاث جودته عاليه و متين، و أسعاره مناسبه. دوم ديكو موجود في صن صيتي، شويخ.

Photo 9-10-13, 9 51 39 AM

Photo 9-10-13, 10 01 29 AM

Photo 9-10-13, 10 07 54 AM

:Rug: My favorite picks

Photo 9-10-13, 9 57 19 AM

My favorite picks

Photo 9-10-13, 10 00 39 AM

Chair: my favorite picks

Photo 9-10-13, 9 55 36 AM

Orange Ottoman: my favorite picks

Photo 9-10-13, 9 54 47 AM

Desk: my favorite picks

Photo 9-10-13, 10 01 13 AM

Photo 9-10-13, 10 04 36 AM

Photo 9-10-13, 9 50 47 AM

Mashmoom Furniture Store

Mashmoom Furniture Store, owned by Enas Al-Marzouq, is now open at Sun City, Shuwaikh. It has a great collection for kids and youth furniture and home accessories, very beautiful and unique accent pieces for each corner. What I like most about it is that everything is affordable and at a reasonable price.

Photo 5-23-13, 11 53 39 AM

Photo 5-23-13, 11 54 19 AM

Photo 5-23-13, 12 10 38 PM

Photo 5-23-13, 11 57 54 AM

Photo 5-23-13, 11 55 50 AM

Photo 5-23-13, 11 57 02 AM

Photo 5-23-13, 11 55 41 AM

Photo 5-23-13, 11 57 41 AM

Photo 5-23-13, 11 58 26 AM

Photo 5-23-13, 11 54 47 AM

Furniture by Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt collaborated with Frank Pollaro to design and produce a dozen of Art Deco and contemporary furniture pieces. Pitt always had the passion for architecture, and the idea of designing and furniture has been in his mind since the 90’s, but kept it on hold until he met Frank Pollaro, who is renowned for his impeccable Art Deco furniture.





Marble bath tub for two