Growing Indoor Garden

Few of us have enough space to grow a garden in our houses, whether because we live in an apartment or we don’t have enough space to build a garden outside the house.

Vertical Garden, is a relatively new concept in gardening, which you can grow a (garden) that is attached to a wall.

Vertical Garden can be easily installed, and can be installed anywhere in the house. These plants are planted inside small pockets called Wally Woolly Pockets, and the pockets are hanged on the wall.

 Terra Garden for gardening is the only place in Kuwait that creates for you vertical garden using wally woolly pockets. Terra Garden is a store near the Mashatel, sells terrariums, which are a small garden growing inside a small container, and creates vertical garden at anyplace.

Vertical Garden comes in any size and shape, from one pocket to as many as you want, also, they can be grown inside or outside the house.

They are very practical, as they can live for very long time if taken good care of them. Vertical garden are easy to install, and some install them themselves.



For more information on Terra Garden visit their store next to the Iranian market in Rai at Rai Center Complex #19. Or visit their website

Follow them on Instagram @terra_garden


Plant your Long Lasting Bouquet

Artificial flowers and plants are the worst choice for me. Flowers and plants are more than just a display at your place, they are soul  and energy, they renew and refresh your surrounding air.


Artificial flowers

If you don’t want to spend much on flowers, or don’t have the time to take care of them constantly, then blossomed plants or flowery plants are the best alternatives for real flowers.

There are many blossomed plants and flowery plants, you can find them all at Al-Mashatel. These flowery plants can live as long as you take care of them, for years.

Following pictures are me planting a flowery plant step by step.

Flowery plant, lives for very long time, as you long as you take care of it

Clear vase from ABYAT, and a fake leaf to wrap around the insides of the vase to hide the soil when I put it inside later.

I wrapped 2 leaves around the insides of the vase. You can get a colored vase, then you don’t need to wrap anything inside the vase to hide the soil.

I filled half the vase only with soil

I placed the plant inside the vase

Final result


Once its planted, you only need to spray a little water over it everyday, that’s all.

Other blossomed and flowery plants.




Following is another  blossomed plant I planted long time ago.

All of the previous plants are from Nour Nursery. Visit Nour Nursery at Al-Mashatel, Tel:24728515, Mob:66486253

“Ditch the Bouquet, Send a Garden!” … Terra Garden

I love plants, flowers and everything green, I would love to surround myself with gardens, well it turned out you can. I discovered a new concept of gardening call Terrarium, where you can plant a miniature of a garden in a clear container, such as bottle, glass bowl or an aquarium.

Well, you don’t actually have to plant them, Terra Garden, a store offers all kinds and shapes of Terrariums. Once I knew about these plants, I went to visit the store and bought a pretty Terrarium.

 These Terrariums can fit any space and can be used as any kind of home accessory. They are very easy to take care of, and can live for a very long time.

For more information about Terra Garden, visit or visit their store at Al Rai, Iranian Souk