Dark & Darker



Dark walls are so out of our comfort zones, but we never stop admiring those living or bedrooms with dark walls. It takes one small tip to know under what conditions we should go (or should not) with dark walls.

Light. It all depends on how much light goes inside the space you’d like to make its wall dark. the more light enters the space, the darker you could make its walls, and with little light enters the space, the lighter you should make its walls.

It doesnt matter how large or small the space is, it all depends on the light.

دائما نخاف من الحوائط الغامقه، مع إنها جميله اذا شفناها بمجلات التصميم الداخلي او الفنادق. لكن متى نقدر نغمق الحوائط و متى نحتاج نفتح لونها.
الاضاءه. شكثر كمية ضوء الشمس اللي تدخل المكان، اذا عرفناها راح نقدر نحدد شكثر ممكن نغمق الحوائط. اذا تدخل كمية ضوء كبيره، اذا نقدر نغمق الحوائط كثر مانبي، و العكس صحيح في حالة كمية الضوء قليله.
حجم الغرفه ما له علاقة بدرجة غمق الحوائط.








Don’t Go Tiny


Alway go for medium to large framed art or paintings instead of tiny ones, even if you are grouping several ones in one big space. Big frames are more luxury and stylish.


High Ceiling

Decorating the ceiling is a sophisticated way to add style in the room, however, one important thing should be bare in mind; high ceiling.

Decorating the ceiling will draw eye to it, and you dont want to do that with low ceiling.

تزيين السقف طريقه جميله لإضافة حركه للغرفه، لكن يجب الانتباه لنقطه مهمه، و هي يجب تزيين السقف العالي فقط، أما السقف المنخفض فيجب ابقاءه ساده و بسيط. تزيين السقف يلفت الانظار و يشد الانتباه، و في حالة السقف المنخفض، لا تريد لفت الانظار إليه.



TV Decor at it’s cheapest

TV decor can be little costly, but there are always a cheaper way to do things in interior design. I came across the following pic of a simple and cheap way to create a TV decor, and I find it really smart idea to implement.


It only takes a couple of simple shelves and arrange them around the TV, and with some home accessories to lay on the shelves.


Cluttered or Elegant?

Photo 7-6-13, 10 31 38 PM

I love rooms that are crowded with furniture and home accessories, and full of colors and accent.

There is a thin line between a room that is cluttered with furniture and home accessories, or simply a warm room that is filled with accent furniture and home accessories.

How can you pull off a room like the ones in the featured pictures? it could be tricky, since it can be easily have mismatched and incoherent furniture and home accessories. The answer is, as long as the allocation of furniture is right, and the color scheme is right, then you are on the right path.

Photo 7-6-13, 10 35 36 PM

Photo 7-6-13, 10 34 10 PM

Robert Couturier

The Dinner Club by No.57

Photo 6-15-13, 10 15 50 PM

A new concept in every aspect, whether its the idea, table arrangement or the food, The Dinner Club by No.57 is a supper club held once a month, created and hosted by Noor Bani Hashim & Buthaina AL-Mazroui.

The concept behind it is very unique, total strangers are invited to an exquisite dinner to enjoy great food and company and engage in conversation, at locations that would never cross anyone’s mind

What catches my attention the most, is the table arrangement, done in a very unconventional way.

Photo 6-15-13, 10 15 39 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 14 45 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 15 16 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 16 25 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 14 17 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 14 27 PM

Photo 6-15-13, 10 15 27 PM

Follow @thedinnerclub57 on instagram to see more of their pictures.

Prints & Patterns


Mixing and matching different kind of prints and patterns in interior design; like sofas, chairs, curtains, cushions, etc should be done and mixed in a certain way, specially if you are using more than two kind of prints.

As I was reading an interior design blog www.thehandmadehome.net , I came across an interesting post showing and simplifying how to mix and match many kind of prints and patterns, read more here.