Dark & Darker



Dark walls are so out of our comfort zones, but we never stop admiring those living or bedrooms with dark walls. It takes one small tip to know under what conditions we should go (or should not) with dark walls.

Light. It all depends on how much light goes inside the space you’d like to make its wall dark. the more light enters the space, the darker you could make its walls, and with little light enters the space, the lighter you should make its walls.

It doesnt matter how large or small the space is, it all depends on the light.

دائما نخاف من الحوائط الغامقه، مع إنها جميله اذا شفناها بمجلات التصميم الداخلي او الفنادق. لكن متى نقدر نغمق الحوائط و متى نحتاج نفتح لونها.
الاضاءه. شكثر كمية ضوء الشمس اللي تدخل المكان، اذا عرفناها راح نقدر نحدد شكثر ممكن نغمق الحوائط. اذا تدخل كمية ضوء كبيره، اذا نقدر نغمق الحوائط كثر مانبي، و العكس صحيح في حالة كمية الضوء قليله.
حجم الغرفه ما له علاقة بدرجة غمق الحوائط.








Interiors by Jan Showers

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Jan Showers is an American renowned interior designer, her styles is inspired by art, antiques, travel and nature. I describe her style as glamorous, elegant and timeless.

Jan Showers started her career by decorating houses of  her family and friends. Her career is full of accomplishments,  in 2000, Jan started designing and creating her own furniture.

Get to know more of Jan Showers, her interiors and her lifestyle, by reading her Blog.

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Photo 1-12-2012 1 35 42 AM

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Photo 1-12-2012 1 30 16 AM

Jan Showers released her book “Glamorous Rooms”, Features all interiors by Jan. Click here to order her book online.

Photo 1-12-2012 1 28 57 AM

For more information and pictures of Jan Showers interiors Click Here.

French Taste by Robert Couturier




The french architect and interior designer Robert Couturier is at the top of his profession internationally, he is based in New York. His company designed numerous houses and apartments in the US, Europe and South Africa.

Robert Couturier shares his experience in interior design and architecture in many ways, he gave lectures at galleries, art and antique fairs. He also contributed to major architecture and interior design books, and he participated in charitable and design-industry events. His work is featured in all the top design magazines.



Read more about Robert Couturier and see more of his designs Here

Very Practical by Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is an interior designer from the United States, he started working after he graduated from high school. Nate Berkus had his degree in French and Sociology, and not in Interior design, and for me that’s very inspirational, to be able to perfect in interior design without having a degree in it!

Nate Berkus was introduced to the world when he appeared many times at the Oprah show, doing home make overs and giving very useful design tips. He then had his own show in 2010, The Nate Berkus Show.

For me his designs are very accessible and practical. He uses a lot of home accessories and not very matching items to give warmth to the place.

Nate Berkus published his book in interior design call “Home Rules”

You can order Home Rules on http://www.amazon.com

For more information on Nate Berkus work, visit http://www.nateberkus.com.

Admiring Muriel Brandolini’s Designs

Being half Vietnamese and half French/Venezuelan, Muriel Brandolini gets her inspiration from her different background cultures. She loves art and sculptures and she tries to implies this on her work. Her work is very artistic and creative and thats what makes her the most sought-after interior designer in New York. Her signature designs is combing bold colors and patterns, antiques with contemporary furniture.

Aside from interior designing, she has her own line of fabrics and furniture.

She translated all her work into a book call The World of Muriel Brandolini.


You can order Muriel Brandolini’s book from http://www.amazon.com

For more information about Muriel Brandolini and her work visit www.murielbrandolini.com

Bilhuber’s Masterpieces

Jeffrey Bilhuber, a leading interior designer,  creates the perfect lifestyle for his clients, by mixing different eras into his designs. His all-american designs is very rich, colorful and vibrant. He designs luxury hotels, townhouses, country retreats and Manhattan projects.

Jeffrey Bilhuber published three books

  • The Way Home: Reflection on American Beauty
  • Jeffrey Bilhuber Defining Luxury
  •  Jeffrey Bilhuber Design Basics.

Jeffrey Bilhuber Defining Luxury

The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty

Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Design Basics

You can buy Jeffrey Bilhuber’s books at http://www.amazon.com.

For more information about Jeffrey Bilhuber designs visit http://www.bilhuber.com

A bit too much? Or a masterpiece


Jason Oliver Nixon and his partner John Leocke, two New York based interior designers, separate themselves from other designers by being unique, their style can be described in many words, traditional yet colorful and playful.

Their style can be applied to contemporary and traditional homes at the same time.

Jason shares the technique they use to House & Garden magazine: “When mixing patterns, start with the item in the room that has the largest array of color in it, then take that color range and built the scheme around it by using fabrics that has one or more of colors in that item, then layer, layer, layer”.

Whether it matches your taste or not, to be able to mix this amount of colors and patterns and create a masterpiece out of it is a genious and courageous work.

For more information about Jason Oliver Nixon and John Leocke work and furniture visit: http://www.madcapcottage.com