Create a Table Setting Like a Pro

My friends were coming over, I thought I would do something special to them, I wanted to arrange an outdoor seating on a short notice. Since I didn’t have time to go buy everything I need, I thought I would use whatever I have at the house.

I had a bunch of Casablanca flowers, I cut them really short, tied 3 flowers together and used a drinking glass as a small vase for them.

I didn’t have candle cups, so I used -again- a drinking glasses as a candle cups, and they were miss matching.

I borrowed the folding table and the table cloth from my mother. As for the chairs, I used my dining table chairs.

I loved the setting because it was quick and I felt smart for reusing things I already have, instead of buying new things.

You can get the folding table from Sadeq store at Hawally, Tunes street.


Tiny Space is Enough to Create an Outdoor Seating

We all think that to have a beautiful outdoor seating we should have a huge outdoor space or garden. I don’t believe in that. I believe that you have the right to enjoy your place to the maximum like it’s a mansion. It’s all about how you benefit from each tiny space and corner at your place.

My cousin did a beautiful, very cozy and private seating in a very tiny outdoor space. She only used two chairs, one small table and added a few plants, and the place felt warm and perfect.


Try this out at your place, it can be your private and getaway area at the end of your long day, grab a book and cup of tea/coffee and enjoy some private time.