Ikat, Ikat & More Ikat

IF you’ve been following me on Instagram, u’ll notice that I really love Ikat print, usually we find Ikat on fabrics only. As I was browsing the web the other day, I found a website that sells really nice rugs at a very reasonable prices, whether contemporary or traditional, and what caught my attention even more are the Ikat rugs, I’ve never came across Ikat rugs before, I was very excited about them.



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To find more collection of these Ikat rugs, visit www.rugsusa.com


Look What I Found @ Karkoosha


I love Kilims, they are simply a piece of art, as a matter of fact, all kind of Oriental carpets are a piece of art. I found now a lot of stores sell Patch work Kilims, like Samovar and The One, and I found recently that www.karkoosha.com sell patch work Kilims as well.

KD 938

KD 516

KD 509

KD 534

Click Here to view more colors and sizes at Karkoosha .

My new obsession – Kilims

A carpet can brightens or ruins a living space, its one of the most important furniture items that you should spend a little more on it.

I love when I come across furniture stores in Kuwait or online that are not very known to people. I found two online stores that sell Kilim rugs, their origins are Turkish, Persian, Armenian, Uzbekistanians or Turkmenistanians.

The following contemporary rugs are from www.Kilim.com , a Turkey based online store, that sells to individuals and wholesalers, they also have a store in Turkey.

Pile Rug – $1050

Pile Rug – $1400

Pile Rug – $1400

Pile Rug – $700

Pile Rug – $1850

Pile Rug – $1400

Pile Rug (Patch Work) – $1200

Pile Rug – $1400

Pile Rug – $1500

Actually I came across some of these contemporary rugs at Samovar Carpets and at THE ONE. Find more of the Pile Rugs Here

Another online store that is UK based, sells these beautiful classic rugs www.rugstoreonline.co.uk , they sell all kind of Kilims, new and old, Kilim runners and Kilim cushions.

Klim – 495 GBP

Kilim – 595 GBP

Kilim – 795 GBP

Kilim – 995 GBP

Kilim – 1250 GBP

Kilim – 1495 GBP

Kilim – Persian – 2250 GBP

Kilim – 1950 GBP

Kilim – 995 GBP

Kilim – 1250 GBP

Kilim – 750 GBP

The following rugs are Patch work Kilims.

Patch work Kilim – 550 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 590 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 650 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 750 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 1250 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 595 GBP

For more rugs and information visit www.Kilim.com and www.rugstoreonline.co.uk

Have you been to ‘ELYATI’ ?

 ELYATI Store is all hand made Persian carpets store, located at Sun City. They are not the typical Persian carpets, but I would call it the contemporary Persian style. ELYATI carpets are perfect for the modern homes.













Visit ELYATI Store, located at Sun City and get to see many more styles and carpets.

The forgotten luxury of the Axminster Carpets

Axminster Carpets usually used for hotels, clubs, restaurants and public places, however if incorporated correctly with the furniture and the decoration, they will be the highlight of your living space.

Axminster Carpets are a hard choice, however you have to take some risks when furnishing  sometimes. There are no certain rules when matching these carpets with furniture, wall paint or wall paper, you don’t have to choose plain wall paper or furniture to balance things out.

Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpets

Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpets

Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpet

Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpet

Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpets

Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpets

Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpets 

Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpets

You don’t need to furnish the whole living space with these carpets , actually you can use them as small or medium rugs, covering a specific part of the living area.

Axminster Carpets can be found in most carpet and rugs stores around Kuwait.

For more information about Al-Hazeem Co. for Carpets, visit their store at Al-Rihab Complex, Hawally – Telephone: 22665546/7