Fine Art Available

If you are looking for original art in Kuwait, you will find a lot, however they can be a little expensive. And if you are looking for commercial art, you won’t find a lot.

I got very excited when I first knew about this website, an online shop that sell all kind of commercial art, fine art, vintage art, famous artists, photography, etc.

Each printed art comes in many sizes, and at a very affordable prices. You either order the prints only, or you can have them framed.


Fine Art – Abstract

Art can be either in printed paper or canvas.


Fine Art



Picasso’s Art

Allposters don’t deliver directly to Kuwait, I ordered couple of printed art through Aramex.


Butterfly Stickers


I found these lovely wall butterflies stickers on sale in Instagram (@easy_decoration), they are easy to install, and can be installed on most surfaces, on glass, ceramic and regular walls.

To order these butterflies, contact  through whatsapp +965 50375865 . Follow @easy_decoration and find more kind of funky wall stickers.

Fill up your Walls with Art



Whenever I look at pictures of interior designs, my attention is always drawn by the walls full of framed art. These framed art look very sophisticated, but they are really easy to create. There is no certain way to arrange these framed art, you only have to match the color theme of framed art to the color of the decorated space.

If you are confused of where to start building the frames, simply choose your favorite framed art and then gradually built the rest of the frames around it.

As I was surfing the net, I found ready art gallery layouts. There is a layout for each decorated space, and they really simple to copy. You don’t have to feel confused, simply copy these layout to begin with.


These layouts are not science, they are created to simplify the arrangement of the framed art and make it easy for you.

Art Journey at Dar AlFunoon

The 2nd Affordable Art Show at Dar Al Funoon exhibits many artist from different countries, from Bahrain, Sudan, Spain, Kuwait and others.

Check out Dar AlFunoon’s Affordable Art Show, the show continues until Thursday, 5th of July.

Dar AlFunoon located behind the Church.

Get your Wall Art Now


Wall Art can be a bit expensive, especially if you cant get enough of it. When I found a small framing store by accident that sells frame-less wall art at a very low price, I was so thrilled I wanted to share this with you.

The Elegant Frame & Art store, located near Salhiya Complex.

The following pictures are some of the frame-less wall art.


The price ranges approximately between 25 KD  to 45 KD, and their sizes are small to medium. The good thing is that they are a framing store, so you can buy the wall art and customize the board card the frame at the same time the way you like.

They also have amazing wall paintings by well known painters.


For more information about The Elagant Frame & Arts visit their store located near Al-Jarra Flowers in Salhiya, Telephone: 22468565


Anything can be a Wall Art

Wall Art is my favorite thing when it comes to decorating. I used to buy wall paints from interior design stores, but when I started getting more interested in wall art, the commercial wall art and paints meant nothing to me, I wanted something more valuable, not in price, but in how much they mean to me.

Check out how I transformed a paper MAP of Africa that was attached with National Geographic Magazine into a Wall Art .



I had an empty wall space that needed two or four wall paints. Maps are pretty by nature, and when I saw this green map, I loved how it matched my green sofa, and since the theme in my living room is all green.

I immediately thought of it as a four piece wall art, and I took it to frame right away.





Anything can be a wall art, any piece of paper or a piece of fabric, let it mean something to you, your guests and visitors will feel its value if its valuable to you.