Dome Deco


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Dome Deco, Belgium company, located at Sun City, Shuwaikh, its furniture mostly built with high quality solid wood and techniques.

Most of the furniture I found are suitable for daily living room, bedrooms and offices, the furniture items are very simple and practical.

محل دوم ديكو للأثاث، بلجيكي الصنع، أثاث عملي و بسيط، يصلح لغرف المعيشه، غرف النوم او المكاتب. المحل متكامل، فيه غرف طعام، جلسات، زل و إكسسوارات بيت و غيره.

الأثاث جودته عاليه و متين، و أسعاره مناسبه. دوم ديكو موجود في صن صيتي، شويخ.

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:Rug: My favorite picks

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My favorite picks

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Chair: my favorite picks

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Orange Ottoman: my favorite picks

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Desk: my favorite picks

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Ikat, Ikat & More Ikat

IF you’ve been following me on Instagram, u’ll notice that I really love Ikat print, usually we find Ikat on fabrics only. As I was browsing the web the other day, I found a website that sells really nice rugs at a very reasonable prices, whether contemporary or traditional, and what caught my attention even more are the Ikat rugs, I’ve never came across Ikat rugs before, I was very excited about them.



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To find more collection of these Ikat rugs, visit

High Ceiling

Decorating the ceiling is a sophisticated way to add style in the room, however, one important thing should be bare in mind; high ceiling.

Decorating the ceiling will draw eye to it, and you dont want to do that with low ceiling.

تزيين السقف طريقه جميله لإضافة حركه للغرفه، لكن يجب الانتباه لنقطه مهمه، و هي يجب تزيين السقف العالي فقط، أما السقف المنخفض فيجب ابقاءه ساده و بسيط. تزيين السقف يلفت الانظار و يشد الانتباه، و في حالة السقف المنخفض، لا تريد لفت الانظار إليه.



TV Decor at it’s cheapest

TV decor can be little costly, but there are always a cheaper way to do things in interior design. I came across the following pic of a simple and cheap way to create a TV decor, and I find it really smart idea to implement.


It only takes a couple of simple shelves and arrange them around the TV, and with some home accessories to lay on the shelves.


Cluttered or Elegant?

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I love rooms that are crowded with furniture and home accessories, and full of colors and accent.

There is a thin line between a room that is cluttered with furniture and home accessories, or simply a warm room that is filled with accent furniture and home accessories.

How can you pull off a room like the ones in the featured pictures? it could be tricky, since it can be easily have mismatched and incoherent furniture and home accessories. The answer is, as long as the allocation of furniture is right, and the color scheme is right, then you are on the right path.

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Robert Couturier

If you Can’t Find It, Create It

I always search for great console tables, and great decorated console area always attract me, but not always we are lucky to find the perfect console table or an affordable one, so why not create a console area?
I found this nice console area picture that is very simple and easy to create, as you will notice its only a simple and minimal table with simple and pretty ottoman chairs underneath, how easy is that!

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For The Love of Teal

from Centsational Girl - teal paneled blue wall with white green and gold accessories

Teal walls always attract me, it takes the place to a different level of interior design.

The main color that should be dominating when working with teal walls, is white. As for the other bright colors, you have limited amount of colors to work with, the best are; yellow, orange, green, purple and fuchsia.

اللون الحائط الاخضر المائل للزراق، من الألوان الفضله عندي، تعطي طابع مختلف تماما للمساحه بمجرد إضافه ذاك اللون للحائط.
عند طلاء الحائط باللون الاخضر المائل للزراق، يجب  مراعاة الالوان الاضافيه للأثاث، اللون الاساسي و الغالب يجب ان يكون اللون الابيض. و عند إضافه الالوان الشاعه الاخرى، يجب ان تكون محدوده، و تنحصر ب الاصفر، البرتقالي، الاخضر، الفوشيا.




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