Get your Wall Art Now


Wall Art can be a bit expensive, especially if you cant get enough of it. When I found a small framing store by accident that sells frame-less wall art at a very low price, I was so thrilled I wanted to share this with you.

The Elegant Frame & Art store, located near Salhiya Complex.

The following pictures are some of the frame-less wall art.


The price ranges approximately between 25 KD  to 45 KD, and their sizes are small to medium. The good thing is that they are a framing store, so you can buy the wall art and customize the board card the frame at the same time the way you like.

They also have amazing wall paintings by well known painters.


For more information about The Elagant Frame & Arts visit their store located near Al-Jarra Flowers in Salhiya, Telephone: 22468565



Bilhuber’s Masterpieces

Jeffrey Bilhuber, a leading interior designer,  creates the perfect lifestyle for his clients, by mixing different eras into his designs. His all-american designs is very rich, colorful and vibrant. He designs luxury hotels, townhouses, country retreats and Manhattan projects.

Jeffrey Bilhuber published three books

  • The Way Home: Reflection on American Beauty
  • Jeffrey Bilhuber Defining Luxury
  •  Jeffrey Bilhuber Design Basics.

Jeffrey Bilhuber Defining Luxury

The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty

Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Design Basics

You can buy Jeffrey Bilhuber’s books at

For more information about Jeffrey Bilhuber designs visit

Have you been to ‘ELYATI’ ?

 ELYATI Store is all hand made Persian carpets store, located at Sun City. They are not the typical Persian carpets, but I would call it the contemporary Persian style. ELYATI carpets are perfect for the modern homes.













Visit ELYATI Store, located at Sun City and get to see many more styles and carpets.

Best solution for hanging pictures on the wall

As I was reading Veranda magazine, I saw an Ad for Command-Brand (Damage Free Hangers), which allows you to hang all kind of stuff on your wall without  damaging your wall. They have all kind of hangers for all kind of things.

For me they’re the BEST solution for hanging pictures on the wall. They’re so useful I searched for them online and found them on

  • Command Strips for small and medium pictures.

  • Sawtooth pictures hangers.

  • Wire-Backed picture hangers.

This is the best way to hang anything on your wall without harming your wall.

For more information about Command-Brand visit

Customize your own Antiques

Antiques are a major addition to every living space, you have to have one or two antique items at your place. Antiques can be the highlight of you living space if  mixed with modern or contemporary theme or furniture.


 I found some great antiques at AL-Dhajeej area at Al-Farwania. everything you need from chairs, tables, consoles, mirrors, backless chairs, stools and more, however you will find only the structure of these furniture, that’s why they come at a very low price.

The good thing about buying only the structure is that you get to paint and upholster them the way you like, and the way that matches the rest of your furniture.

These antiques are hand crafted at Egypt. There are much more items you will find there.

For more information about the previous antiques visit The European Showroom for Furniture, Al-Dhajeej, Al-Farwania, Mobile: 99729470, Telephone: 24339065, Email:

Anything can be a Wall Art

Wall Art is my favorite thing when it comes to decorating. I used to buy wall paints from interior design stores, but when I started getting more interested in wall art, the commercial wall art and paints meant nothing to me, I wanted something more valuable, not in price, but in how much they mean to me.

Check out how I transformed a paper MAP of Africa that was attached with National Geographic Magazine into a Wall Art .



I had an empty wall space that needed two or four wall paints. Maps are pretty by nature, and when I saw this green map, I loved how it matched my green sofa, and since the theme in my living room is all green.

I immediately thought of it as a four piece wall art, and I took it to frame right away.





Anything can be a wall art, any piece of paper or a piece of fabric, let it mean something to you, your guests and visitors will feel its value if its valuable to you.