Becarre Exhibition

Becarre exhibition is a collaboration between Becarre Lifestyle, SILSAL, DANA NAFISI  JEWELRY, khazaf, qaftans by Aisha and qaftans by latifa al gharabally.

Becarre exhibition starts 29,30,31 July, 2012.

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KHAZEF is hand made tiles, made of porcelain. Khazef produces two kinds of designs, Islamic and Indians. Designs are unique, and the colors of the tile are made in-house.


For more information on the stores above:

  • Becarre, located at Salmiya, St Salem AlMubarrak, north Salmiya building, T: 25757725
  • SILSAL, BTZ Group, located at Hawalli, Block 10 Eben Khaldon St. , Nour Complex, next to Kuwait Finance House, T:99006123

What I Would Love to Hang on my Wall

Currently I’m furnishing a new living room at my house, and I would love to put some wall hangings around the TV, I was inspired by Sara Al Dosary’s living room (1st picture below). I found some wall hangings and ideas that I would love to share with you.

Wooden tiles found at Artecasa by Akros

Ceramic flowers found at Peacocks & Paisleys


Mirrors found at ABYAT

Hand-made tiles found at by Najla Al Radwan. You can find more of Najla’s collection at the website. Najla is participating in Beccare exhibition, starting 29 – 31 July, 2012. See more of her collection at the exhibition.

For more information of  the stores mentioned above:

Artecasa, located at Sun City, T: 24848000,

Peacocks & Paisleys, located at Lily center (opposite Al Tillal center), T: 69909463

Meem Designs by Mariam Al Luhaib

I wanted to describe Mariam Al Luhaib and her collection in many words, be she managed to describe herself  and her collection better than I could.

Read what Mariam says about her passion, how she started it and how she got her inspiration:

” “Furnish your room for conversation, and the chairs will take care of themselves.” says Sibyl Colefax, a famous Interior Designer. My name is Mariam Al-Luhaib, a 22 year-old Kuwaiti who has a flare for interior design.

My deep enthusiasm ignited not far back in winter 2011 when I was delegated the task of creating an outdoor lounge for my home, as the weather was too beautiful to be cooped up indoors.

Freshly graduated, and with plenty of spare time, I took the task at heart. I reaserched ceaselessly until I landed on a page I never wanted to close shut; Arabesque Art.

It enchanted me as I started to participate in workshops such as product design, with the likes of Younes Duret and so on. The result was endless praise from visitors and guests alike. “Turkish delight!” that’s what resonated with them as they set their eyes on my pieces, and not to mention my wonderful fabrics that are originally made in Uzbekistan. And so, I dubbed this line to be the “Turkish Delight” collection.

As for my experience, I would say that my trials and errors helped me mature into creating what you see before you today. In the end, I hope that my Turkish Delights bring family and friends closer together, as they were meant to do.”

What I like about Mariam’s ‘Turkish Delights” is that it can be used as a chair or coffee table. Simple and yet colorful, for me they look like an art display as well.

Its Uzbekistanian, rich and colorful fabrics, as well as its dynamic design, is what makes Mariam’s collection unique.


Mariam Al Luhaib will participate with her Turkish Delights collection in the “White Expo” on the 29,30,31 of July, 2012. You can order her “Turkish Delights” in advance.

For more information and inquiries call 97926558.

Follow Meem Designs on Intagram @meemdesigns

Your Valuable Chic Place

“I’m still living in an apartment, I don’t intent to buy anything valuable for my place until I get my own house”.

I always hear this comment. I don’t approve it, because people can always take their furniture and home accessories when they move to a new house.

We all have the right for a luxury lifestyle, and that is not complete without a luxury house/apartment. Your house is your sanctuary, let it be filled with valuable items, don’t fill it with low quality furniture just because your place is temporary or because you have no idea about interior design.

I always try to fill my house with valuable furniture and artistic items, every piece I own is valuable to me.



You can collect chic furniture pieces and home accessories over the years, and not at once. Reward yourself by buying a house piece every couple of months.










You will always feel the need to change and renew your furniture if its low quality, try to spend a little more money and effort on your house items, and you will not feel the need to change the furniture, but on the contrary, the older the furniture gets, the more valuable it will be to your heart, like a vintage hand bag or necklace.

Complete your Space with Ottomans & Poufs

Ottomans and poufs always complete your living room, fill unused space, and can be placed anywhere.  They enrich your place, and its the perfect complementary furniture piece.

Some ottomans and poufs used as seats, others used as tables, either way they are very multi-purpose, there is no correct place to put them in, they are  literally can be placed anywhere.

Online Decor

The internet is full of interior design websites. I came across one I will feature in this post. The special thing about this website is that it has an App. The App is very accessible, simple and easy to use .


  • Website

  • Iphone Application

Houzz has more than half million pictures of all kinds, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, pools, terraces, basement, closets, kids bedrooms, staircase, dining rooms and many more.

Each picture has all the information needed of the interior designer who designed the space.

Some of the pictures has tags on some of the furniture pieces, when you click on on the tag, you get the information of the furniture piece, its price and from where to get it.

The best part about Houzz is that you can save every picture you like to the Ideabook, and in each picture you save, you can write what exactly you liked in the picture.

This App is very helpful, you can get millions of ideas through it, I highly recommend it.

Living room by Sara AL-Dosari

Sara AL Dosari is passionate about interior design, she recently had the chance to renew her family house’s living room. She doesn’t have a degree in interior design, she only relied on her passion and instinct to decorate the living room.

Sara had a vision of what a daily living room should look like and feel, all warm and light colors that make you feel comfortable, and not strong or pop colors. By combing new furniture pieces and vintage pieces her family owns, Sara created country/English theme for her family living room. She decorated each space and corner with the perfect pieces and accessories.

1- Sofa: Pottery Barn
2- Carpet: Pottery Barn

3- Cushions: Pottery Barn
*- Coffe Tables: Final Touches

4- Curtain: KA
5- Lamp: Pottery Barn

6- Wall Accessory: Asas

*- Table: Cotmec

7- Lamp: Pottery Barn
8- Library: Pottery Barn

9- Wall Clock: Medas

10- Mirror: Habitat
11: Lamp: Final Touches

12- Sofa: Arteriors

13- Wall Paper: Al Sarraf Decor

14: Wall Paint: Cotmec

15- Book End: The ONE
16: Candle Stand: The ONE

17- Carpet: Bo Khamseen for Persian Carpets

 Luckily Sara Al Dosari is thinking of pursuing a career in interior design. I wish her all the best

If  you interested in any furniture piece or home accessory that I didn’t mentioned the store in which you find it, please send me a comment.