Mashmoom Furniture Store

Mashmoom Furniture Store, owned by Enas Al-Marzouq, is now open at Sun City, Shuwaikh. It has a great collection for kids and youth furniture and home accessories, very beautiful and unique accent pieces for each corner. What I like most about it is that everything is affordable and at a reasonable price.

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Prints & Patterns


Mixing and matching different kind of prints and patterns in interior design; like sofas, chairs, curtains, cushions, etc should be done and mixed in a certain way, specially if you are using more than two kind of prints.

As I was reading an interior design blog , I came across an interesting post showing and simplifying how to mix and match many kind of prints and patterns, read more here.

Interior Design Programs

I searched for many interior design programs, where I can do furniture allocation but most of the programs I found and the people recommended for me are very professional and requires training and for building purposes, rather than programs for furniture allocation.

One of the best  free interior design programs I tried so far is , Its very accessible, easy and simple to draw the sizes and modify them, also they have huge collection of furniture to choose from.

أغلب برامج التصميم الداخلي و الرسم تكون متقدمه و معقده، تحتاج تدريب محترف، بالإضافه إنها تصلح لمراحل البناء أكثر من مجرد تصميم لتوزيع الأثاث فقط، و دائما تكون برامج يجب شرائها و ليست مجانيه.


 من أفضل البرامج المجانيه اللي استخدمتها للآن  ، جدا سهل و بسيط لرسم قياسات المساحه، لديهم مجموعه كبيره لجميع أنواع الأثاث، و يمكنك تجربتها و توزيعها بسهوله.


Another free interior design program I used to use is  , they have good furniture collection to choose from, and you can view your final space in 3D, however, I used to get a hard time when drawing the exact sizes and its even harder to modify the sizes once they’r drawn.

برنامج تصميم داخلي آخر مجاني كنت أستخدمه هو  ، لديهم مجمرعه كبيره من الأثاث، و يمكنك عرض الرسم النهائي مع الأثاث بطريقه ثلالثية الأبعاد. من مساوؤه إنه لايمكنك ضبط
القياسات بسهوله و تعديل القياسات جدا صعب.


If you have interior design program preferences, please share them with me 🙂


Bad Choice

The first think most of the people think of when choosing sofa colors for daily and children use, is a dark or printed upholstery fabric, because they think its the only way to avoid stains. Wrong!

The thing that you want to think of when choosing fabric colors for your sofa, is how invisible the stain trace would be after its being washed and removed, rather than how invisible the stains would be when happened and NOT being removed.

The following fabrics and some of the nice colors for your daily and children use.

Rowe Furniture_Sullivan Sofa Collection F230