Glamour by Preston Bailey

I never heard of Preston Bailey before, until Celebrate Expo; which is an expo where everything related to marriage and celebration is gathered, announced they are going to host Preston Bailey, so I searched him on the net, and immediately fell in love with his over the top designs.

Preston Bailey is an event planner for weddings and celebrations, he planed so many events for royalty and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Donald & Ivanka trump, Donna Karen, Catherine Zeta Jones, Uma Thurman and many more.

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I thought I might share with you his glamorous weddings and celebrations

Also Preston Bailey published many books in everything related to event planning. His books are available at

Preston Bailey’s Design Entertaining

Preston Bailey Flowers

Preston Bailey’s Fantasy Weddings


Preston Bailey: Celebrations

Dear Preston: Doing Business With Our Hearts

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Maps, All Kind of Maps

Framed maps matches everybody’s taste in my opinion, and they are suitable in any kind of space. If you are a map lover you can create your own framed map now, in any size, shape and style, instead of buying a ready framed map in decor stores, which can be expensive sometimes.

I bought The National Geographic magazine, and again I found a map attached to it, map of the Oceans, it has a color blue theme, that can match a boy’s room, an office or any space else where.


This issue is September issue, the writing in it makes it more appealing, you can frame it the way it is, or cut in half or quarters in any shape you like, it works in many different ways.

See the pictures below, and get ideas of how framed maps can be incorporated with interior designs.




Go to your nearest book store or book station, you can find all kind of maps at a very low price, after you decide what shape and size you would like to create, take the map to any framing store, you will find all kinds and colors of the card boards and frames that will match your living space.


Few months ago I made a map I found attached to The National Geographic magazine, it was the map of Africa, green and it matched my green theme living room.

To read the full post of the green map I created earlier click Here

The Wonders of a Console Area

Console area for me is the most beautiful area in the house, its not defined by any rules of interior design, it can contain any kind of items, literally.

I love the mix and matching in the console area, mirrors, lamps, plants, wall paints, books, flowers, ottomans, boxes, pictures, statues, etc. The area can contain too much, or too little, depends on the theme of the living space around it.

The console area can be anywhere in the house, in the living room, hall way, entrance, under the stairs, in the bedroom, in the garden, etc. Also you can put two console tables in one space.

The pictures below show exactly how you can combine many items and create a console area at your place.

Bokhour Closet

I found on Instagram a brilliant idea created by the Home Factory for carpentry and upholstery , a closet where you place your cloths that you want to be scented with Bokhour. Since the closet is a small confined place, the Bokhour smell will be intense and stick for a very long time on your cloths.

The idea of the closet is being safe while we apply the Bokhour, I’m sure we all had incidents where our cloths got burnt from applying Bokhour.

The closet can be adjusted from inside according to your specifications, and it comes in different colors. It costs 98KD with delivery.

Below in the pictures are the specifications,the details and the information of the closet.

My new obsession – Kilims

A carpet can brightens or ruins a living space, its one of the most important furniture items that you should spend a little more on it.

I love when I come across furniture stores in Kuwait or online that are not very known to people. I found two online stores that sell Kilim rugs, their origins are Turkish, Persian, Armenian, Uzbekistanians or Turkmenistanians.

The following contemporary rugs are from , a Turkey based online store, that sells to individuals and wholesalers, they also have a store in Turkey.

Pile Rug – $1050

Pile Rug – $1400

Pile Rug – $1400

Pile Rug – $700

Pile Rug – $1850

Pile Rug – $1400

Pile Rug (Patch Work) – $1200

Pile Rug – $1400

Pile Rug – $1500

Actually I came across some of these contemporary rugs at Samovar Carpets and at THE ONE. Find more of the Pile Rugs Here

Another online store that is UK based, sells these beautiful classic rugs , they sell all kind of Kilims, new and old, Kilim runners and Kilim cushions.

Klim – 495 GBP

Kilim – 595 GBP

Kilim – 795 GBP

Kilim – 995 GBP

Kilim – 1250 GBP

Kilim – 1495 GBP

Kilim – Persian – 2250 GBP

Kilim – 1950 GBP

Kilim – 995 GBP

Kilim – 1250 GBP

Kilim – 750 GBP

The following rugs are Patch work Kilims.

Patch work Kilim – 550 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 590 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 650 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 750 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 1250 GBP

Patch work Kilim – 595 GBP

For more rugs and information visit and