Furniture by Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt collaborated with Frank Pollaro to design and produce a dozen of Art Deco and contemporary furniture pieces. Pitt always had the passion for architecture, and the idea of designing and furniture has been in his mind since the 90’s, but kept it on hold until he met Frank Pollaro, who is renowned for his impeccable Art Deco furniture.





Marble bath tub for two







Sometimes Less Fancy is Better


Flowers are the ultimate home accessories, without them, your place will seem missing something, even if your place is full of art and home accessories. Flowers are the cheapest and fastest way to add warmth and glamour to your place instantly.

Obviously when we host people in our place, we tend to buy fancy and well-arranged bouquet of flowers, but in my opinion, the more casual and (less formal) the bouquets are, the better, but why? because when we host people we want them to feel comfortable, loosened up and less formal, casual bunch of flowers always give that feeling, however fancy bouquets tend to make your place more formal, hence, your guests feel less casual and less (loosened up).

من إكسسوارات البيت الأساسيه هي الزهور و الورود، بدونهم، يظهر المكان كأنه ناقص شيء، حتى لو كان البيت مليء بالإكسسوارات و التفاصيل الجميله. إضافة الزهور و الورود هي .أرخص و أسرع طريقة لإضافة الدفئ و الجمال و الفخامه لبيت
عند إستضافة الزوار في بيتك، أول شي يخطر في البال هو شراء بوكيهات الورد الفخمه و الغاليه، لكن من وجهة نظري، الورد البسيط المجهز عالسريع هو الأفضل، لماذا؟ لأننا دائما نحرص على زوارنا بالشعور بالراحه و الدفىء، بالتالي الورود البسيطه هي الأنسب لانها دائما تعطي هذا الشعور، على عكس البوكيهات الفاخره، تعطي الشعور بالرسميه





More than just a Lighting

Lamps and Chandeliers can be used sometimes to be more than just a regular lighting, they can be the masterpiece or the main accessory of the living room, bedroom or any place in the house.

. الأباجوره او الثريه ممكن إستخدامها ليس لمجرد الإضاءه فقط، بل لتكون الإضافه الأساسيه او الإكسسوار الأساسي لغرفة المعيشه، غرفة النوم أو  اي مكان في المنزل

Photo 19-4-2013 11 34 10 PM

Nigh stand Lamp that is hanging from the ceiling

Photo 29-10-2012 9 37 34 PM

Unique Lamp

Photo 19-4-2013 11 39 44 PM

Four huge glamorous Chandeliers that are the masterpiece of the living room

Photo 19-4-2013 11 31 50 PM

Lamps that are used to be the accessories of the console area

Unique stand Lamps

Unique stand Lamps or Chandeliers


Unique stand Lamp

Unique stand Lamp


High Cieling


High ceiling gives the house the sense of luxury and massiveness, even if the place is relatively not so massive, but there is a reason why high ceiling give that sense of luxury, because you get to do more decorations and/or paneling on the wall.

High ceiling is not meant to keep simple and plain, unless the the house is modern, then you do different kind of decoration. That’s the thing that many people don’t keep in mind when planning to have high ceiling in their new houses.

Having high ceiling alone without decoration will only keep your house look un-finished or unbalanced. Always get an interior designer to create and decorate, at least, the basics and the inside surroundings of the house to get the luxury factor your seeking from the high ceiling.

.السقف العالي يعطي طابع الفخامه و الضخامه للمنزل، و السبب انه يتيح لك الفرصه لعمل ديكورات اكثر للمكان
.السقف العالي لا يفترض ان يظل بسيط من غير اي ديكوات، ما عدى البيوت ذات الطابع الموديرن و الحديث، في تلك الحاله تحتاج تصاميم للديكورات مختلفه
.السقف العالي بدون ديكورات يظهر المكان بشكل غير متوازن و كأنه غير مكتمل. يجب الحرص على الإستعانه بمصمم داخلي يصمم و ينفذ الديكوات الأساسيه للمكان الداخلي




Photo 5-4-2013 8 15 35 PM

William-Sonoma, located at the Grand Avenue in the avenues, has a great collection of high end american style furniture. It has all the items to furnish a living room or a luxurious guest living room.

They sell a huge collection of sofas, chairs, dining tables and chairs, carpets, coffee tables and side tables, dishes and everything related to the dining set, home accessories, etc.

What I liked best at William-Sonoma are their sofas, coffee tables and home accessories.

Photo 5-4-2013 8 27 10 PM

Photo 5-4-2013 8 16 12 PM

Photo 5-4-2013 8 22 19 PM

Photo 5-4-2013 8 24 07 PM

Photo 5-4-2013 8 18 01 PM

Photo 5-4-2013 8 26 30 PM

Photo 5-4-2013 8 23 15 PM

Photo 5-4-2013 8 16 29 PM