Customize your own Antiques

Antiques are a major addition to every living space, you have to have one or two antique items at your place. Antiques can be the highlight of you living space if  mixed with modern or contemporary theme or furniture.


 I found some great antiques at AL-Dhajeej area at Al-Farwania. everything you need from chairs, tables, consoles, mirrors, backless chairs, stools and more, however you will find only the structure of these furniture, that’s why they come at a very low price.

The good thing about buying only the structure is that you get to paint and upholster them the way you like, and the way that matches the rest of your furniture.

These antiques are hand crafted at Egypt. There are much more items you will find there.

For more information about the previous antiques visit The European Showroom for Furniture, Al-Dhajeej, Al-Farwania, Mobile: 99729470, Telephone: 24339065, Email: