Sofa Set Design


I always find it hard to find the perfect sofa set in the furniture market that matches my styles or goes along with my living space interiors, therefore I always design and create my own sofa set, and then complete the set with stylish poufs or chairs that would make my living room very sophisticated and stylish.

Recently¬†I found many¬†people complain about this issue, and they always end up with a sofa set that they’re not really satisfied with.

Your sofa set should be your most valuable item in your living space, let us help you design and create the perfect sofa set that matches your living space and taste.

For more information, contact me by email: , or call +965 66330331


Ottoman chair designed by Me

This is my first designed furniture, an Ottoman chair, that would be the perfect accessory that completes your living room, or any other living space.

You can combine this Ottoman chair with any interior theme, classic or modern.

It’s made of high quality hard wood that can last a life time.

Color: Lime Green.

Measurements: Length 55cm – Width 45 cm – Height 45 cm

Price: 135 KD

The Ottoman chair is displayed at Dar Nur.

Dar Nur is located at Lilly center (next to al Tilal center), Shuwaikh, Telephone: 00965-24915758