Don’t Go Tiny


Alway go for medium to large framed art or paintings instead of tiny ones, even if you are grouping several ones in one big space. Big frames are more luxury and stylish.



Bader Mansour Exquisite Pieces

Becarre furniture store hosted the exhibition of Bader Mansour. Bader Mansour makes exquisite and artistic pieces like musical instruments, a parrot, a goat and a rooster, all made from recycled items,tools and junk such as screws, nails, keys, sinks, pipes, handles and many more.

The pictures below are really UNDERRATED, the pieces are breathtaking, the creativity and the attention to details is really amazing. You can feel the effort and the passion in each piece.

I feel really proud that we have such a Kuwaiti talented artist.

My favorite piece

Bader Mansour’s exhibition at Beccare lasts until Thursday, 15th.

Visit Becarre store, at old Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarek St, above BHS, T:25757725